Saana’s Message

Now, I Am Awake

I am so grateful to be able to set here in the quite of my mind and allow my inner peace and awareness feel my presence in this physical body. I am awakening and realizing that all along I am the eternal experience of the Infinite source, God, The Universe and All. I am more conscious of each moment, paying close attention to the essence of my being. It is as if something beyond words inside of me has been transformed. I can hear my spirit speaking so clear. It takes me so gently by the hand and keeps me in alignment with my vortex, in that space in time where I am that Infinite vibration of God. I let go and let God and divine love just flows within. With each breath I take, I create abundance of love, calmness within my brilliant light that like a candle stretches so lucid and continues lighting up my life.

This state of consciousness is the connection within my heart and it is in that place where I find faith of knowing and being in that magnificent presence of God that all is well. Knowing that we are all part of the same garden, flourishing and growing to higher stages of consciousness, to feel complete happiness and understanding that I am and that is all there is; has made these beautiful petals of my heart blossom, to feel alive to the extent that there are no words to describe these feelings, but just completeness of gratitude beyond this existence. Like a light of truth it unfolds right in front of my eyes and now I am able to see its most beautiful colors, a reflection of God’s Love.

This moment of consciousness and inner peace takes me to a sense of tranquility and a deep simplicity of knowing that I am everything and at the same time, I am nothing special, I am simply ONE with ALL.

And, it is with profound abundance of light and love that I want to thank everyone for being part of Saana’s Light. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support. I love you infinitely.